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Biggles Labelling’s extensive selection of exterior decals (which also covers freight hold markings) is printed using the very latest thermal printing technology. All decals are manufactured using the approved range of Fasson/Fascal 900 cast vinyls and are provided complete with a low-tack carrier on the front surface. Once again part numbers are printed upon the decals/stencils whenever possible. The colour scheme of any decal can of course be modified to the requirements of a customer.

We can also provide a complete range of external decal kits covering complete aircraft or broken down into smaller kits covering individual doors and engines etc. More details of these are available upon request


Our range of external stencils and spray masks is produced on Fascal Economy vinyl, and like the decals, is provided with a low-tack carrier for ease of application and to keep the stencil clean. Stencils to be applied in two colours or more are provided as two or more separate parts. All decals and stencils can be provided in spray mask format.

Biggles Labelling provides an expansive selection of decals that can be applied to equipment sub-assemblies, landing gear struts, wheel well and access and service panels. We manufacture decals displaying wiring diagrams, pressure and temperature graphs and all types of flight deck operation decals (including backlight markings).

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