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Product Range
B707 (including freighter)   B717*
B727 (including freighter)   B737-200
B737-300/-400/-500   B737-600/-700/-800/-900
B747-100/-200/-300 (including freighter and combi)   B747SP
B747-400 (including freighter)   B757-200
B757-300*   B767-200/-300
B767-400*   B777-200
A300 (including freighter)   A310 (including freighter)
A319/320/321   A330*
BAE / AVRO    
146-100/-200/-300 (including QT freighter)   Avro RJ70/85/100
Jetstream 31/32/41   ATP/Jetstream 61
HS748   BAC 1-11
Boeing MDD    
DC-8 (all series including freighter)   DC-9 (all series)
DC-10-10/-30/-40 (including freighter)   MD-11*(including freighter)
MD-80 (all series) MD-90*    
Other Types
ATR-42/-72   DHC-7/-8
Fokker F27/F50   Fokker F70/F100*
Lockheed Tristar* (including freighter)   Canadair RJs*
Saab 340 Shorts 330/360 Embraer
Extensive range of commuter and corporate turboprop and jet aircraft also available.
* Indicates range is still under development and construction


All ranges include internal placards, photoluminescent emergency exit instructions, flight deck decals and freight hold markings. External decals/stencils cover all engine variants where applicable. All are available in a wide range of bi-lingual formats as well as standard and customised kits.

If a required aircraft type is not listed above, or you have a special requirement (such as a customised interior or exterior colour scheme), please do not hesitate in contacting us. To meet your specific requirements we are willing to carry out a comprehensive inventory of your aircraft. This will enable us to gather accurate details of the dimensions, colour spec and quantity per aircraft.

  We also stock a full range of Galley placards, available individually or in kit format, covering a wide selection of galley types on varying aircraft, including JAMCO, C F Taylor, AIM and Henschalls. Also covered is an extensive series of passenger seat types, crew rest modules (such as the FSI B777 OHAR) and placards manufactured for specific airline modification programmes, for example the placards we manufactured for British Airways recent interior refurbishment programme.